Author: Joshua Maglione.

Documentation for the Egroups package for Magma.


The goal of EGroups is to provide Magma with the algorithms developed in Maglione–Stanojkovski. This includes constructors to build E-groups and functions to decide isomorphism of E-groups and compute (a generating set for) their automorphism groups. Mathematical details are provided in Maglione–Stanojkovski. We outline the functions included in EGroups and provide example cases.


In order to use the functions in the EGroups package, one needs to attach the spec file.

> AttachSpec("path/to/EGroups/EGroups.spec"); 


This work was supported in part by DFG-grant 373111162 and DFG-GRK 2297 "Mathematical complexity reduction".


  1. Joshua Maglione and Mima Stanojkovski. Smooth cuboids in group theory, 2022. arXiv:2212:03941.